Your Medical Protective Mask

Registered design and patent pending

Be safe Be bright

AllegraMask®MED is your ideal companion whether shopping, at work,
at home, or just on the go. Discover and experience wearing a new way of
mouth and nose guard with AllegraMask®MED .

AllegraMask®MED combines comfort, practicality and efficiency thanks to
its cutting-edge design. It’s a design-registered and patent pending world innovation.  It reduces and alleviates the disease transmission and symptoms caused by touching the nose and mouth, for example by protecting the transmission of fungus.

Be safe and show your face

allegra mask

High Degree of Comfort

You can wear AllegraMask®MED all day long – no uncomfortable pressure points, it’s transparent and does not give you the feeling of breathlessness.


Stylish & Colorful

Stop the clinical, sterile-looking monotony! With AllegraMask®MED you  show your face to the world. It’s transparent and has style!


Long-Lasting protection

No matter when and where you need protection for your mouth
and your nose, AllegraMask®MED is your go to solution for every situation.

Characteristics & Benefits

  • Modern: attractive design with color choices
  • Transparent: crystal-clear view, anti-fog coating; an essential tool for communicating
    with the hearing impaired
  • Hygienic: easy to clean with conventional disinfectants or with warm water and soap
  • Safe: flame retardant and non-toxic
  • Sustainable: environmentally friendly due to multiple use; 100% recyclable material (polycarbonate)
  • Practical: colored temple brackets can be replaced in seconds without the need for tools (clip-ons)
  • Comfortable: super comfortable, light weight (53 g), wears like eye-glasses, no feeling of suffocation,   can also be worn with eye-glasses
  • Made in Germany

AllegraMask®MED is a medical product produced at our factories in Germany, compiling to the highest hygiene standard according to ISO 13485.

allegra mask


AllegraMask®MED is very versatile, ready to protect you in any working context

allegra mask
allegra mask

AllegraMask®MED variants

Each activity has different needs. For this reason, we have developed two models, each one different in terms of characteristics and purpose of use.

This product is compliant according to classification I, rule 1 corresponding to the basic requirements of MDD 93/42/EEC, appendix I in consideration of the change of the directive 2007/47/EC.

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